Download JDK Source code for Mac OS X

The JDK source code is packaged in a src.jar, and should be in the JDK/Home folder. However, some JDK versions in Mac OSX didn’t include the source code or Javadoc.

Try find it :

sudo find / -name src.jar

If you couldn’t find the src.jar, then get it from Apple developer website.

1. Download from Apple Developer

Go , sign in with your Apple ID.

Download the “Java for OS X 2013-0* Developer Package“, it contains JDK runtime, source code and Javadoc, install the downloaded *.dmg and follow the wizard guide to finish the installation.

2. Find JDK Source Code

After the installation, the JDK source code should be found in following location :

Alternatively, you can download the JDK source from the Oracle JDK website.


  1. Download JDK from Oracle
  2. Download JDK from Apple Developer

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